seeking hosts and curators


  1. Growth - Build your audience as host and/or curator for global podcast network channel(s) 

  2. Income - Earn 20% of collected net revenue without most of the responsibilities of publishing, distribution, and administration

  3. Reputation - Establish yourself as the go-to expert for your topics, being the point person for the details within your domain

  4. Exit strategy - multiple paths allowing you to stay for long term, break off and start something new on your own, or just walk away at any time 


  1. Chance to be the artistic director and creative hub for globalpodcast network channel(s) 

  2. All production, distribution, and administration will be managed and paid for by corporate

  3. Host and curator roles are exclusively for independent contractors (1099s, not employees) 

  4. Commission only earnings are a flat 20% of collected net revenue


  1. Hardware - smartphone with adequate memory available for recordings

  2. Positivity - embrace entrepreneurial culture and actively contribute to improvements

  3. Charisma - engaging personality that is quick to establish camaraderie with guests

  4. Curiosity - natural thirst for knowledge leading to insightful discussion and engagement

  6. Creativity - explore fresh perspective with guests and audience

  7. Empathy - naturally put yourself in others shoes 

  8. Organized - ability to plan and execute conversations and consistently meet deadlines

  9. Sense of humor - let's keep it light


  1. Prior to each week's deadline, deliver content addressing specific issues within podcast channel scope including at least:

    1. one long-form video podcast, and/or

    2. two long-form written articles

  2. Encourage engagement by moderating discussions and replying to every post

  3. Invest in and support yourself (financial cushion required to cover your living expenses during initial revenue ramp)

  4. Be yourself - no bullshit

Process: please inquire at or call +1(773)234-5522

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